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I hate blogs.

I hate blogs. No really.

I think they’re mostly shameless ways for people to promote themselves, their products, or at the very least their ideas. And normally, I’d want nothing personally to do with them.

But, here I am. Starting my very own blog. (Actually, I have had blogs in the past. I own a whole other domain, not to mention my ever-popular Overheard at KSU blog.)

I even up’d the ante on this one. I went all out and bought a domain name. I figure that’s some level of commitment. There’s real money riding on the line. And considering my current gig pays in the range of about $2/hour — hey you can’t have it all — this is within my price range. (I did get a really great deal. No joke, GoDaddy.com is amazingly priced. As I said, I own another domain, but I just paid a quarter less for a domain name and three months hosting than I do for just one month hosting on the other domain. I think I may be changing companies if this arrangement works out.)

As for this blog? I can’t promise everything I write will be intelligent. Some will be serious. Some of it will be silly. Most of it will seem random. It won’t be. The point of this blog for me is to keep a log of the things that inspire me. Whether they inspire me to be a better writer and journalist or they inspire me to be a better human, this will be where I keep them. I’ll also raise questions that cross my mind, things that I wonder about and which I wonder if other people think about, too. Mostly, however, you can count on this sticking to journalism and technology as those are my biggest interests.

At the end of a week, month, or even year (that’s the only unit of time you can purchase domains for), this blog and Web site will pretty well encompass who I am and where I’m headed. For now all you need to know is bookmark MerandaWrites.com. As much as I hate blogs, I’ll make this one worth your time.

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