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It just keeps going and going

If CNN is to be believed, then the Internet reached a major milestone last month. It hit 100 million Web sites. Pretty impressive for something so young.

I have always wondered how many Web sites there were exactly, just out of idle curiousity. But nobody really knows because it would be impossible to count all 100 million (or more by now) or keep pace with all the new sites being hatched each day.

It’s interesting nonetheless that this is coming in the same month that the U.S. hit the 300 million person mark. I’m sure there’s no causal relationship (hey, all those sociology classes on research methods taught me better than that), but it is still an interesting juxtaposition. I haven’t seen anywhere, not that have I really looked, but I wonder how the growth rates compare.

As a side note, I seem to remember a story coming across the wire earlier this week that mentioned that only 1 percent of the Internet was porn — but now I realize that 1 percent of 100 million (that’s 1 million for those keeping score at home) is still quite a bit. Or, as the guys in my office joked, that doesn’t take into consideration the percentage of people choosing to look at that content instead of the remaining 99 percent.

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