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Getting the student body riled up

Many times I walk through campus and wonder if any of my fellow students care about anything that doesn’t involve iPods, Facebook or drinking. I wonder if they even read the paper, and if they do, what they take away from it.

This past week reassured for me what an important role we play, especially in a community like this. Our president announced recently that he will be changing the graduation ceremony effective next year. Instead of smaller ceremonies in August, December and May, we will have one huge ceremony at the stadium in May. He seems to think this is a great idea. But after running an article about his planned changes, we began receiving letters and comments on the Web site almost immediately.

Students are overwhelmingly (and that might not be a strong enough word to describe it) opposed to the change. The same student body that seems so apathetic about everything else is actually using its voice to speak out against the new plan. Today’s editorial represents those sentiments and asks Lefton to reconsider.

I won’t be attending my graduation ceremony this December. It just doesn’t mean as much to me as it does to many people. But for most people, it’s a very important and symbolic day. I’m glad to finally see students angered about something that matters more than Facebook.

UPDATE! Lefton announced at the Faculty Senate meeting that he is reversing his position and not going through with the graduation changes in part because “recently there was a surge of complaints.” Students and faculty totally stuck up for themselves, and I am impressed that Lefton actually took what the students said and backed off. I hope it helps the student body realize their voice does matter.

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