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How much I (haven’t) changed

The beauty of the Internet is that it preserves things we would otherwise discard or forget.

I was searching for a poem I wrote when I took poetry in high school. I remembered using it as the splash page to typical a few years back. The poem is still one of my favorites for its simplicity, and I wanted to include it in a chapbook I have to submit as my final for Creative Writing. Luckily, I found it through the Wayback Machine:

Glittering snowflakes *
* Descending steadily from
The sunless heavens *
* Melting as they land on my
Eyelashes so peacefully *

I also came across part of the bio I wrote for that version of typical. I realize that part of it never care true, part of it expresses exactly the same emotions I am going through this semester as I graduate from college and part of it will soon become reality. It’s just interesting how much I feel I have grown in three years, but looking back, how much I’m still that naive girl ready to take on the world.

As a highschool senior this year feels like a season of lasts. Next year I’ll be eighteen by this time. I will be off at college and will come back, like my siblings, to visit only for the holiday season. I don’t know if I should be happy that I’ll finally be the one visiting, or sad that I won’t be able to take for granted the comforts of home any longer.

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