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Would you like wine with that?

My “Wine 101” package ran today in the Stater. I’ve already uploaded it here.

The story talks about why students/young adults tend to not drink wine, but more importantly it tells students how they can develop an interest and knowledge of wine, which if you read the story is a big part of the intimidation, which is a big part of why they don’t drink wine. (If that makes any sense?)

I like the package a lot. I worked with the photographer and designer to get what we needed to make it work visually and (more importantly) to make it an accessible package for busy readers. I wrote a main story and then several sidebars to break out the important information students really want to know at quick glance. Although the online version of the story doesn’t work as well because StaterOnline’s sidebar style is to tack them on at the end. I uploaded the PDF, if anyone wants to see it.

As someone pointed out today, this is the last story I will ever write for student media at Kent State. I guess it’s not too bad a way to end a three-year run.

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