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Let it snow!

and more today and tomorrow!first real snow of the year

I won’t lie, waking up to a campus covered in snow this morning excited me entirely too much.

Usually by this time in the year, a few weeks shy of Christmas, snow on the ground in Ohio, especially in Kent, Ohio, is old hat, the norm.

But this year, today is the first real stick-to-the -ground, let’s go sledding and have a snowball fight snowfall of the season in Kent. We had a little bit earlier this week, but it only stuck a few hours and melted almost on impact. Everyone else came in the office complaining.

So, although everyone else seems to not be enjoying the “crappy weather” I am actually in a really good mood because snow, especially freshly fallen snow is peaceful and beautiful.

It’s a great last day of classes EVER. Ok, maybe I’m just in a good mood because it’s my last day of classes. It’s also the day Issue 5 goes into effect, which means tonight, which is my last Thursday out in Kent with friends as an undergrad will be SMOKE FREE! Ok, I guess it’s just a good day all around. But the snow definitely helps.

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