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Craigslist = fun stuff…

So, although I most certainly should be studying for the four finals I have in the next three days or practicing the piano for my piano final, I’m not. I’m not even doing laundry and packing my room up for my (temporary I hope) move back home this week. Nope, I’m surfing Craigslist and finding some interesting posts… including this one:

Student massage needed

Executive seeks non-pro massage — 1x week (1-2 hrs) for back/legs/shoulders. Legitimate. Good PT oppty. for student. Female only

Yeah. I don’t even want to comment on how creepy that is and how crazy you’d have to be to actually do that.

This one‘s subject is funny, the job is legit and probably a pretty easy, albeit annoying, way to make some quick cash, but I know people who’ve done similar work and at least the company is legit unlike the above posting.

Enjoy Passing Out Flyers Door To Door? Check This Out!
The Mugzee’s Street Team Members… – Must have own transportation. – Must have cell phone. – Must be self motivated. – Must show up on time and ready to flyer the city of Kent. We’ll pay you $7.00 per hour to simply pass out our flyers DOOR to DOOR and in apartment complexes. Interested? Call 216-402-0289 or write an email

The title just makes me laugh because nobody wakes up and thinks, gee, you know what I want to do today? I want to pass out fliers door to door! That sounds like so much fun! That and their use of the spelling “flyers” make me smile.

And all of these almost outrage me because I don’t care how bad your kid wants the new PS3, it is NOT WORTH $2,100, $1,500, $1,200, $1,050, $950, $875 or even $700. No game system is, even if it’s bundled with controllers and games. It’s just a game system. And if your kid/boyfriend/husband/friend wants it so bad, tell them to wait until next year when the price and demand goes down…. Although these prices seem insane to me, a quick google news search tells me that people are even crazier than I thought, apparently one of these PS3s actually sold for $9,000… others sold for, get this, $15,000 and $15,099 (two at this price!) — for those of you keeping track at home, those bidders paid what I pay for a YEAR’S TUITION for a PS3!

There were other postings that amused me and some that I think would make for interesting stories. (Including perhaps the apparent wide-open reseller market for PS3s and idiots willing to pay for them.) That, my friends, is the real reason I like to randomly surf Craigslist. You can find some interesting people and some interesting postings.

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