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Why I avoid oil changes — take three

My car goes into the shop tomorrow. What started out as a simple, but badly needed, oil change has culminated in my car necessitating a trip into the actual auto shop. That of course means more money I don’t have to spend and an early morning wake-up call for me so I can drive it to Akron for its 8 a.m. appointment (that is, if it doesn’t overheat before it gets there).

I took the car back to the place I got the oil change on Wednesday, and they told me (after much deliberation and head scratching and me sitting there in the cold) one of the lines going into the heater core (still don’t know exactly what that is) was leaking on to the engine, thus causing my coolant to slowly evaporate and for the engine not to cool off, which explains why it was 20 degrees outside and my car was overheating. They don’t fix those at that place, naturally. So, I made an appointment with my regular shop as soon as they could see me, which is Monday. They said, depending on which line it is, the cost is between $60 and $120 JUST for the part, it doesn’t include the labor — oh, and it’s a hard to reach spot so it’s labor-intensive.

Maybe I should just move to NYC, Boston, Chicago, LA… somewhere with awesome public transportation and where oil changes and expensive mechanic bills will not be an issue.

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