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The countdown begins

The only thing standing between me and a college degree is one cultural anthropology exam. By about 1:30 p.m. tomorrow, nothing will.

After I walk out of that exam, I’ll begin my time-honored tradition of checking Web for Students every half hour to see who has posted my grades. (So far only one grade is posted, but it’s an A.) My predictions this semester include mostly A’s and possibly a C (?!?! yeah, I haven’t had a C since freshman year of high school) in piano after my awful performance on today’s exam. What can you do?

There was a time when not having a 4.0 could make me freak out, but after last spring when my GPA dropped below summa cum laude, I quit caring. I don’t care what GPA I graduate with anymore. I’m graduating with a ton of experience and practical skills that should matter way more than some number that does little but prove I went to class and took the exams.

The point is, short of not taking the anthropology final, I’m definitely graduating. That is what matters. Then, it’s all about finding a job I want to do in a city where I won’t mind spending the next few years of my life. Forunately, I’m pretty much open to anything/anywhere, which helps explain why I’m breathing a little easier these days and smiling a lot more.

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