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A year of screwups

Regret the Error has it’s top Crunks of ’06 posted now.

Ryan was reading some of them to me earlier and one in particular made me laugh for a minute straight. Apparently it’s from the Lexington Herald-Leader in 2004:

It has come to the editor’s attention that the Herald-Leader neglected to cover the civil rights movement. We regret the omission.


Seriously. There are some very funny corrections listed and worth reviewing. They make me feel better about our headline “whoops” of this semester. The two I don’t think I’ll ever forget: “KAPS: WTF?” and “Who’s ready for some cornhole?” Yeah, those actually ran. The former was a joke by the forum editor that was meant to be caught in copy/design. It wasn’t. The latter? It was written and OK’d by the M.E. about an ACPB event where they played the game. I didn’t see it until the next day when it was too late to reconsider. (If you don’t know why I’d object to running the second headline on the front page, maybe mosey on over to Urban Dictionary to find out.)

Either way, we probably made some students laugh, and at least we didn’t miss an entire major period in history. It’d be akin to the Stater running a correction stating, it came to our attention that May 4 happened, and we regret that for the past three and a half decades we didn’t even notice. Now, that would definitely rile up the May 4th Task Force. Maybe not the same, but equally as bad.

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  1. Meranda Writes » Blog Archive » Only a college paper could get away with it… Says:

    […] I am reminded of an instance at the Stater where I probably reacted a little too harshly to the use of the word WTF in a headline. In hindsight (a year’s time and 350+ miles distance from it), maybe it, too, was just a fun way to get the point across. And I suspect that headline, like this refer today, probably got a few more students to want to know what was so important that it broke the “no cursing unless absolutely necessary to get to the essence of the story/character” rule. I know once I got over laughing, I read the story. […]