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Dear professors, please post my grades already

So, for as horrible as I did on the cultural anthropology final, I somehow managed to pull a B in that course. Honestly, I have no idea how that occurred. There was a period in life when a B would bring me to tears. But, I’ll take it in this instance. This semester, I pretty much majored in the Daily Kent Stater. And I don’t regret it at all.

My real question now is, why have only two of my grades been posted? The anthropology exam was my last exam. How can that grade be up but not my others? What sense does that make? Absolutely none. I took one of the finals a week ago.

Although this does make me wonder, what if I was one of those borderline seniors who could potentially not graduate. What if one of the grades could go south and could prevent me from having enough credits to graduate? If my professors (four of them) have yet to file final grades, how will the university be able to hand off diplomas on Saturday? I know they don’t give you actual diplomas and do a final credit check before mailing them out, but still. It would seem they’d need to have the actual grades in front of them before letting you walk across the stage.

Either way, I just want to know what my grades are. Post them already!

UPDATE! My news design grade was posted. An A, though that’s not a surprise. It was the one journalism class I had and as such the class I gave the most effort to this semester. Still waiting on three others. Right now, my GPA is down to 3.76.

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