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Newspaper’s carolers make me smile

Kids are adorable. That goes without saying. However, it doesn’t have to go without watching. I’d like to direct your attention to a few adorable kids singing Christmas songs over at the Springfield News-Sun. In addition to being a great way to engage the community and use the community to provide interesting and amusing content, the idea of having readers sing and then other readers vote is a good one. You’re engaging both for minimal effort and minor editing. And plus, you’re providing my “cute meter” with plenty of fodder.

In case you’re wondering, while Joshlyn and Josh are by far the cutest, my vote for best goes to the first entry, Tyler. I played the violin for a decade, and I love Christmas carols as much as the next person. But I don’t know if I would have been willing to play and sing on camera at my peak, let alone when I was that age. He’s actually pretty good, too.

I love that the staff sings on video, too. Although I *know* I wouldn’t be willing to do that even today, I do admire the people who are. It definitely gives you a “we’re having fun” vibe.

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  1. Meranda Writes » Blog Archive » 15 seconds to tell the world anything Says:

    […] I may put something together. Maybe not. Either way, this is an interesting way to get users interacting with you. It reminds me of the videos of people singing Christmas Carols that the Springfield News-Sun gathered. It’s an interesting concept that can be used for other things… have an outpouring of support when local troops leave? or after a solider is killed/injured? Let the community either submit their own videos or have a station set up in the lobby or mall so people can come in and record a message for the solider/families. Other uses of course exist, but that’s the one on top of my head. […]