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A different perspective on reading online

My younger cousin was at my graduation party tonight. We usually discuss technology, cell phones, cameras, computers, etc. I think I’m the only other person he knows who is really interested and passionate about new technology. Usually it involves us gushing about the latest items on CNET or talking about the pros and cons of Mac vs. PC.

Tonight, perhaps because my family kept asking me about what job I am looking for, we ended up talking about the future of journalism.

My cousin said he had wanted to join his H.S. newspaper staff but that now “it’s stupid!” I asked why, and he said, “It’s only on the Web.” So, I asked him what was wrong with that, printing a newspaper is expensive and is the biggest expense for a paper. And he said something that is a disconnect for anyone in our generation but especially for someone so interested in the Internet and technology, “I don’t know, I just prefer to read something on paper. Reading on the computer is annoying.”

This from a 16-year-old, self-proclaimed computer geek. Definitely an interesting/different perspective than we’re used to hearing.

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