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For the budding newspaper publishers

Just read a Q&A with the publisher of the Legal Times at The Two Minute Mentor: Newspaper Publisher, from CollegeJournal. She make some interesting statements/points, so this is just me pulling out some of the things I agreed with or learned from the interview.

Being a reporter gives you the excuse to talk to anybody about anything, write about it and then get to put your name on it.

So true. I think the “excuse to talk to anybody about anything” is probably what attracted me to this profession. I’m too curious for my own good, at least when I can say I’m a reporter with such&such, I have a legitimate reason to ask questions.

It is a great career, but you have to go into it with a plan B. You have to be prepared to move around from one location or company to another in order to go up the career ladder.

This is why I hate the “five year question” as I call it. I always want to turn it around and ask, well what do you think the industry will look like in five years? Because if you can accurately predict it for me I can think of quite a few people who’d like to talk to you. Maybe not quite so bluntly, but you get the idea. Realistically, this industry is undergoing a major shift, which is a huge part of what excites me about entering journalism today. Nobody knows what it will look like in six months or a year, let alone by the time recent grads like me get anywhere near the “publisher” position. And that’s exciting! I can help shape the future of journalism, but to do so I — and everyone else in the business — must be willing to adapt, experiment and sometimes even fail. I hate to think that I have my whole life or career planned at 21. I don’t. I just want to get solid experience and learn as much as I can about as much as possible and see where it takes me.

Q: What do you love most about your job?
A: The opportunity to get out of the office, meet people and learn new things.

That’s definitely the best part of being a journalist.

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