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Stupid infomercials

I suddenly remember why I don’t watch TV. I just want to catch the headlines, and all any of the major stations is talking about is the climbers in Oregon who are missing/dead. Yes, this is an important story, and yes it is heart-wrenching. But, certainly there are other headlines worth mentioning at least? No? CNN, MSNBC, even (or maybe especially) FOX News all seem to think nothing else in the whole world is happening. Gah.

Anyway, the point is between the talk/repetition of how little info they actually have/leading questions on CNN (what else other than news would I have on in the background?) I just saw the dumbest infomercial I’ve ever seen (except maybe the annoying “HeadOn apply directly to the forehead” commercials — p.s. that’s a link to Aman’s parody not the commerical). It was for the MXZ Saw. They compared it to another saw by saying basically, yeah sure that other saw can cut through wood… but what about this cinderblock? Now, the MXZ saw can… I don’t understand why this would convince anyone to buy the saw. Who tries a cut a cinderblock with a saw? Nobody sits around and thinks, man, if only I had a stronger saw, I could cut through that cinderblock. What a stupid gimmick. These types of things are why I’d rather read the newspaper or catch the headlines on CNN.com.

OK, now Meet the Press is on. That’s better.

2 Responses to “Stupid infomercials”

  1. Meranda Writes » Blog Archive » Apparently, I was wrong Says:

    […] So, as some may recall, I previously posted about why nobody would buy an MXZ saw because nobody sits around thinking, “If only I could cut through that cinderblock.” […]

  2. Tommy Bonus Says:

    Video production at its best! Do you have any tips for someone just out of school