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I can still do math

I have wondered whether not taking a math course in college would impact me later on. But, I just took this Math Test for Journalists, and I only missed one of the 13 questions. On question 10, I answered 300 percent. I’m not the only person to make that mistake, in explaining the answer it says this:

Last year your small town had three murders. This year there were none. How would you describe the change?
100% decrease — not 300%, which John Allen Paulos notes would mean bringing victims back to life

Not too shabby for not having taken math in almost four years. But then, math was always one of my stronger subjects. I didn’t necessarily opt to not take math in college, I actually tested out with AP Calculus in High School. So it wasn’t like I was avoiding it. I just didn’t have to take it. The closest I came was data analysis, which was just statistics. While I probably couldn’t do derivitives and other calculus problems now (at least not without a refresher), I’m glad I still know how to figure percentages, averages and square feet.

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