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Superbowl contenders could be super fun

I don’t even like football, but you do have to admit it’ll be cool to be situated in between (aka: in the fan coverage area of both) the two Superbowl contenders this year. Lafayette is a bit closer to Indianapolis, but definitely still close enough to Chicago to pick up a significant number of fans.

Maybe it’s only cool because I’m used to being in the shadow of the Browns, who are usually pretty bad and even if they weren’t their colors are ugly — I mean brown & orange are both ugly alone, together the combination is hideous. I’m just sayin’. — so I wouldn’t be able to support them. Yes, I judge sports teams by superficial things like their colors and logo. I know nothing about sports, what else would I be qualified to judge them on? I am after all the girl who went an entire semester making her football picks for the newspaper based entirely on which school or team had the best Web site. (The sad part is I didn’t end up with the worst record.)

I’m kind of inclined to root for the Bears, but ONLY because of the Obama video I linked to a few weeks back. (Which isn’t nearly as cute given his and Clinton’s recent announcements. I’m behind them both. I say run together. A black man and a woman as a major party ticket would shatter plenty of glass ceiling even if they didn’t win. Plus, it would open it up for Oprah’s bid in 2012. lol.)

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