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Pres. Bush is not the ‘American Idol’

I admit it. I love American Idol.

Well, I love the preliminary rounds of American Idol. I don’t sit around every Tuesday (is it on Tuesdays? I haven’t watched TV regularly in so long.) and root for my favorite. *cough* Well, I mean there was that one season. (Ruben was so adorable.)

Anyway, the point is, I’m not alone. Apparently, according to TV Week, this week’s American Idol show garnered a larger audience than President Bush’s State of the Union on all of the four major networks — combined.

Now that’s a very sad testament to our priorities. I would say the off priorities of my generation, but I know quite a few people my age who watch the State of the Union each year for one reason: it’s a drinking game. I guess if that’s what it takes to get them interested in politics…

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