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The award for best use of podcast goes to…

Romenesko tipped me off to the new “Correct Me if I’m Wrong” podcast at the SF Chronicle.

Hilarious. And I normally hate podcasts (they’re one of those things I just think are a distraction from where we should concentrate our multimedia efforts, but that’s my opinion.).

Basically, what they’re doing is posting the angry callers who phone in to complain about ridiculous things. In the first posting, it’s about the use of the phrase “pilotless drone,” which even if redundant is far from destroying the English language… Unless you asked this caller who went on a 2-minute tirade about “don’t you do your job?” “don’t you supervise the sub editors?” etc.

Having been on the receiving end of far too many complaints such as this one where I could only retell my colleagues the ridiculous story later, I wish I’d thought of this.

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