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Re: Book written in txt msg – CNN.com

You have got to be kidding me: Re: Book written in txt msg – CNN.com.

Because reading poor English and incomprehensible acronymns all over the Internet and in e-mails isn’t enough. Now, you can waste your time reading an entire novel. The point of text messages is to be short, to the point. Unless this novel is about one page long, it’s a conversation better left not in text message format.

I still cringe when certain professors, who used to be editors and definitely know better, use the phrase “thnx” is an e-mail. It makes me want to cry. Sadly, I’m not kidding. And while I’m certainly guilty of my share of “lol,” “btw,” “omg” and “wtf,” I do draw the line somewhere.

This book is like from here to China past that line.

2 Responses to “Re: Book written in txt msg – CNN.com”

  1. Jessica Says:

    This is a disgusting idea!!!!!!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Also as for the professor thing, it kills me when they don’t use capital letters, full sentences, or even bother to sign the e-mail!!! To me, short cuts are unacceptable from professors!!! I had one last semester who gave notes in short cuts…