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The Daily Briefing

More from the spam e-mail that caught my attention department…

Dear Newspaper Readers,

I enjoy reading the daily newspaper every morning. But some days, I don’t have time to read it. Those are the days that I will spend a few minutes skimming the first paragraphs of the main stories before I leave home. For months I have been looking for a news briefing service so when I am in a rush and don’t have time to read the paper, I have somewhere to turn. I searched for a news briefing service but couldn’t find one – so I decided to develop it myself. The Daily Briefing™ is a FREE News Briefing Service™ that presents a summary of the day’s events in a one-page, easy-to-read format. The Daily Briefing contains world, national, political, and business abstracts from reputable daily newspapers and wire services. Next time you are in a rush and don’t have time to read your daily newspaper, I recommend reading The Daily Briefing. Enjoy.

Hah. This is not something I *want* to use or encourage others to use. (Though, I do subscribe to Slate’s Today’s Papers, which I guess is pretty much the same thing… Though, it’s important to note, this is not my sole source of news, and I still read several other papers/news sources each day.)

I mean, what about those days when he doesn’t have time to read the papers? Does he just make up the briefing? “Well, here’s what the papers probably said, or should have said, or what I heard CNN say on the little ticker thing at the bottom…” Just as a real news organization has to rely on the credibility its built to gain trust; I wouldn’t get my news from just anyone. Plus, why would I willingly give more of my information to someone who has already spammed me? It doesn’t sound like something I want to opt-in to, kthnx.

But it is an interesting piece of spam, albeit, like most spam, misdirected.

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