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All around the world… visitors that is

It’s interesting to watch the visitor statistics on this site. You know the standard stuff: how many people come, where they come from and what they look at. And although I don’t get a lot of traffic, I do get some interesting traffic.

I turn up in the most random Google searches, such as “cute Akron cab driver.” Also, the technorati searches that lead to MerandaWrites are oftentimes pretty puzzling. Either way both offer a snapshot of what’s on people’s minds: Obama, Harry Potter, the iPhone, O’Rielly and Colbert, Sadam, etc.

But what fascinates me most isn’t what people are looking at (though I do find it interesting which pages garner the most attention) or what string of words landed them here. Nope, I’m most intrigued by where the people who happen upon my blip on the Web come from.

where my visitors hail from

You see, I noticed today when I looked at that map (part of the stats at W3Counter) that I have had visitors from all over the world. In fact, at least one orange dot representing a visitor is positioned on every continent. Wow. A decade ago, who’d have thought that a 21-year-old fresh-faced, wide-eyed recent college graduate could throw words out there that would be read by people on every corner of the earth? Certainly not me. And that’s why it enthralls me.

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