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Give me a break, just wear layers

Seriously, students are this mad about classes not being called off?

Wow. Grow up. I can count on one hand the number of days off we had while I was there. And at least two of those days were because the entire campus was an ice rink. (I distinctly remember actually sliding the entire way down the slope from my dorm to Tri-Towers to get lunch that first day.)

Bitter cold? Deal with it. Stop wearing a hoodie like it’s a winter coat and put some layers on. Don’t start stupid Facebook groups or a letter-writing campaign to the university president (which, btw, judging by his past interest in student opinion, he probably couldn’t care less about).

Newsflash guys, you’re still paying to be in class whether you attend. And chances are your professors are still going to test you on the same amount of material, even if it’s condensed into fewer classes.

It’s colder here, and I haven’t heard of Purdue students holding protests because they had school. Seriously. I mean, given Kent State’s history, you’d think there’d be better things to protest than:

As the protest grew to a close, students began chanting, “Frozen feet, frozen nose. School has to close.” Other chants included: “What do we want? School to close! When do we want it? Tomorrow!”

I feel like John Stossel. Give me a break.

6 Responses to “Give me a break, just wear layers”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out the point of this one. I sure wish students would put fourth this kind of effort and passion towards something useful.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Thank you.

  3. Bill Sledzik Says:

    Bravo, Meranda! I show up for work when it snows and when it’s cold. Once students transition to the real world, they’ll do the same or they won’t have jobs. So consider this a training ground, albeit a chilly one!

    For those who complained about the 600 or so NEOhio school districts that closed for two days, keep in mind that they’re dealing with children as young as age 5. We don’t have students that young KSU, but judging from the whining I heard these past two days, you wouldn’t know it.

    Nice job with the blog. I wish more students would give it a try. And I wish mine looked this good!

  4. Meranda Says:

    Jessica — I agree. It reminds me of the whole facebook newsfeed “movement.” It’s kind of ridiculous what trivial things can stir up the masses so quickly while other atrocities barely raise an eyebrow.

    Rachel — Maybe I should submit this as a letter to the editor. lol. I see the editorial board weighed in. The comments on it were interesting, if not immature.

    Bill — your content is probably way better than mine, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the looks. And I agree all the JMC students should keep blogs… if only so I can keep better track of what’s going on now that I’m not there. (Rachel, that means you.) It is a good practice in writing for an audience and almost forces you to read other blogs and articles to keep up with what’s being discussed.

  5. Rachel Says:

    Haha … I actually attempted to start a blog around the new year, but haven’t kept it up yet (random encouragements to actually post might help me get started). But! We are starting the Stater blogs, and we’re going live Monday.

  6. The Daily Journal Says:

    […] Anyway, for a school so seeped in student activism, the apathy found today — among students nationwide, though especially among Kent Staters — is disheartening. A fellow graduate’s blog informed me of a Kent State protest a few months ago about … the weather. It was too cold to go to class. Time to protest! […]