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Archive for March 5th, 2007

interactive renter’s guide map

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Just saw this at the Stater: Interactive Renter’s Map.

It’s part of the annual renter’s guide. It’s a great example of when a map like that is actually a worthwhile addition not just an addition for the sake of having something interactive. Also, these buildings won’t be moving any time soon, so this is very much evergreen content that can and should be left up and linked all year. By plotting the local apartments, I can easily see where each is in relation to the university campus and get key information (address and phone number) for each complex. The only thing I’d do to improve this, would be to include links on this page/within each point(if possibel) to all of the stories the reporters wrote about each of the complexes, with photos of the rooms if possible and if not at least of the buildings. Those stories should also include a break out box with key information (the address, phone number, Web site and a range for the amount a student should expect to pay each month and also utilities/cable included, etc.).

With those simple changes, I’d say this would be an excellent resource. This is something every college newspaper should be doing. It’s so simple and would drive tons of traffic.