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QOTD: Newspaper stories are fleeting things

“Newspaper stories are fleeting things. The thing that makes this business so remarkable, that every day we get a new canvas to paint on, is also what makes it so unsatisfying. The story, almost always, dies with the day, the pages of the day-old paper turning yellow in the sun.”
— Rick Bragg

Sadly, the Internet makes them even more so. In mere hours, or even before the ink dries on the newsprint, the story is outdated or dead, new developments already known and broadcast. But, as he says about it being remarkable, it’s also exciting. There’s always a deadline to work against, and it’s always ASAP.

(P.S. This quote is from the introduction to Bragg’s book Somebody Told Me, which I came across at a used bookstore this weekend. So far I’ve only read a few of his collected stories, but they’re really good.)

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