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Joining the blogging party

Another of my former Stater colleagues joined the blogging world today. Welcome Rachel! She’s already been added to the “DKS Throwback” section of my blogroll, where I keep track of my former colleagues with blogs I read/monitor.

I’m pretty sure Rachel was inspired by the Future of Journalism conference. She’s in Nashville now with a few other Stater peeps.

Even her first post is worth reading. About the conference she says:

… (besides being pleasantly surprised to realize that independent thinkers can be found in any city) my passion for journalism has been rejuvenated. I firmly believe, foremost, in the watchdog function of reporters, something that often seems overlooked in modern mainstream media. But this conference renewed my faith that the career I fell in love with, the one that tells the stories of the voiceless, stands up for the people and educates the public, will not only exist but will flourish in the future. It just looks different — and it requires journalists to change.

Hear, hear.

Now, who else lurking here is going to join her? And where are the professors? Barb? Carl? Fred?

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