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Being entrepreneurial in journalism

Both Mindy McAdams and Howard Owens have great posts about what it means to be entrepreneurial in journalism and why it’s important.

Howard has a list of traits he sees as being entrepreneurial and explanations about what he means. Among them:

  • Be resourceful
  • Think forward
  • Take initiative
  • Be an optimist
  • Have a sense of urgency
  • Be goal oriented
  • Don’t let the bastards get you down
  • … and about a half dozen more

My personal favorite:

Be a self-learner. You should never stop learning, and the most efficient way to learn is to teach yourself. Try new things, read lots of books, be curious, ask questions, read blogs, set learning goals, be resourceful about what you learn and how you learn it. Among the things you should be learning, even if you’re purely a content person, is business, especially strategy. It will help you come up with better ideas.

His whole list is worth reading. But I think in particular being self-motivated is absolutely essential in today’s world. Nobody else is going to take responsibility for teaching you everything you should know, and nothing will more impress your employer, future employers or even yourself more than learning a new skill on your own just because you were curious or wanted to better yourself.

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