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QOTD: Don’t write a story about mankind …

“Don’t write a story about mankind; write a story about one man.”
— Unknown

I don’t know who said those words. I saw it a discussion board on facebook and thought it was spot on. But I wish I knew who’d said this quote. I tried to find it for a bit, but gave up. Anyone know?

Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in telling the big story that we forget that even the biggest story is only as important as the individual voices and lives impacted by it. That’s what the whole concept behind using “real people” and “show don’t tell.” It’s about finding the soul of the story. And that soul isn’t in statistics or a recent survey. It can’t be touched on by a salient quote from the institute of whatever it is your writing about or a comment from the legislator who proposed a law to start or end it. It’s in the real people living the story every day.

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