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Gilmore Girls Gone?

I heard the news Thursday that Gilmore Girls was ending after this season. As my Facebook status indicates, I was devastated.

gilmore girls ending twitter update
Twitter (above) and Facebook (below)
Girlmore Girls ending facebook status

Two weeks notice?! This isn’t a job. This is a generation of girls who’ve looked up to and grown up with Lorelai and Rory, et al. We laughed and cried and sat there for Rory’s first day of Chilton and her impromptu campus visit to Yale. We freaked out when she had sex with Dean and loved to hate Jess. We cheered on Lorelai as she opened the Firefly Inn and screamed at our televisions to fall for Luke, and then wondered what the heck when she ran back to Christopher. And the million other plot twists and turns and the hilarious over-your-head, mile-a-minute banter between the Gilmores and… two weeks? That’s all we get?

I don’t even watch TV (no seriously, I don’t watch it). But Gilmore Girls was my exception. The past year or so I didn’t get to watch it as much as I’d have liked to, but I kept up with what was going on — partially by catching it when I wasn’t tied up working and partially because my friends are as addicted as me. I have multiple friends who you could give them a random, obscure quote from any of the seasons and they could place it down to the scene. This is why, perhaps, more than any other show, I am seriously sad to see it go. :(

Crazy comparison, but, Rory and I were both bookworms with crazy mothers who totally wanted us to be ourselves. We graduated high school at the same time, started college at the same time with the same ambition of becoming a journalist, worked our way up through the college newspaper at the same time, edited the campus paper at the same time, headed off to internships around the same time… and though our lives couldn’t have been more different in practically every other way (and there were many times I wanted to scream at the characters, “um, that would NEVER happen”), I definitely identified with her. And like I said, I know other girls (and guys! in fact the first friend I mentioned this to was male) who feel the same way.

And so, I’m going to take a breather tonight and revisit the first season on DVD, and probably see if I can rotate in the rest before the finale in a few weeks. I always thought people were crazy when they said they cried when their favorite TV show ended, when Friends or M*A*S*H or whatever your generation identified with came to a close. Now, I’m prepared to cry at all the life events I’ll never get to see in their lives. And I’m sure it’ll take about two seconds before I’m on the phone with others who’ll be of the same mind.

As an aside, I imagine this will be about the same feeling I get when I get my hands on the final Harry Potter book this summer. Sad to see two things I grew up reading and watching closing in such close proximity. I imagine it’s something to get used to though? Right. The older I get the more it’ll happen.

2 Responses to “Gilmore Girls Gone?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    As sad as it is, it’s ABOUT TIME. This past season was garbage, but that’s what happens when you get a new team of writers and last seven years. At least the station is being wise about this and not letting it go on to be the next 7th Heaven…?

    As for Harry Potter, I’m so happy that the book is coming soon, but ever so sad. It’s an end of an era!

  2. Meranda Says:

    Jessica, you are right, and I know and resent it.

    Man, I used to watch 7th Heaven every week! I used to LOVE that show, and then they started graduating from high school and it was downhill from there.

    I have to say, Gilmore Girls is the one show I know of where graduating from high school didn’t signal the long, slow slide toward utter crap. If anything, the show got better as Rory headed to Yale. (I mean, 90210, Saved by the Bell, Dawson’s Creek, and so forth. All the shows failed miserably at transforming the adolescent high schoolers into mature college students. And they all suffered deaths long after their time.)

    But you’re right, the new writers are so/so, and they’ve definitely been taking too many cues from soap operas and throwing in everything and the proverbial kitchen sink of drama this season. I guess, it’s hard to imagine everyone keeping that up for another season. I will still be sad to see Stars Hollow and its citizens fade into obscurity. I’ve always known it would end one day, and I always had a hunch that would be the day Rory graduated from college. But I was holding out hope.