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Archive for May 13th, 2007

Crazy things from craigslist

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

I’ve written before about the random things you come across on craigslist. Tonight, I happened to notice this posting:

High School/College Students – Sell Blogs – Make Money

Forget about MYSPACE – everyone is putting up their own Blog. Cash-in on the Blog explosion. If you are a high school or college student or anyone who thinks that they can sell a Blog, then respond to this ad. You will be paid $25 for each Blog that you sell – that’s it! You don’t have to set it up or support it – that’s our job. There is NO FEE for you to get started!

What?! Anyone else confused by this. Who are you selling blogs to? Whose blogs are they? How does one sell a blog anyway? And how about the suckers who buy them?

It sounds like one of those conversations you have with someone who tries to act like they know a lot more about something than they do. Like they’ll talk about designing a Web site and have no idea how it actually works, and it’s painfully obvious to you. And you just giggle inside at how dumb they sound. That’s what this post reminds me of — “anyone who thinks that they can sell a Blog” — as if it’s a house or a magazine subscription.

Someone bring me a copy of the Burr

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

OK, to the next person to come to Indiana from Kent I need to ask a favor: bring me a copy of the Burr. (I have a suspicion this will be Abbey since she’s slated to start work as an intern at the J&C on the 21st. I’m not sure when Ryan is starting in Indy, but I think I remember he said the 21st as well.)

I don’t know why, but for some reason although I’m interested in reading the stories, I can’t push myself to do it online. (I did read Abbey’s speed-dating story, and it was pretty interesting and well written.)

The Web-exclusive stories, several of which I was pretty interested in, don’t seem to be posted yet. There’s just a place holder for all of them that “This story is coming soon.” It was kind of annoying, but hey I’ve been there. When you’re the only person putting together the online magazine, and you get ALL the content dumped on you the last few weeks of school when you’re as busy as the next person, all you can really do is hunker down and pull a few all-nighters to get it up in time for the magazine’s release. I remember the semester I did Fusion I had to get the site up the same weekend I was down in Memphis. But I injured my right arm working. It hurt just to lie there, but still I sat there with my laptop every night that weekend coding the pages, resizing the photos, etc. all with one hand. Man, that sucked.

I don’t know if it’s the colors on the CyBurr (I really hate browns and oranges.) or what. Though looking at the cover, the colors seemed to have carried over. Or if it’s just the overwhelming nature of long feature stories in small type that just seems to scroll on forever. (I’m a fan of breaking up longer stories into a few pages. But that’s me.) I’m guessing based on my personal preferences, it’s actually quite a bit of both.

I could read the “e-book” but I have a strong dislike for long PDF documents, too. And I never really understood the point of the e-book. Thankfully it was an idea that came after my tenure as CyBurr webmaster. However, I guess for now it helped me see how everything was laid out and flip through the pages in about two minutes to survey what’s inside. (P.S. guys, I love the new departments and all the color. Has it just been awhile or is there really a lot more color this semester?)

Either way, though if you’d have asked me when I was a student I don’t think I’d have even considered it, but I may pay the $12 to get the magazine mailed to me each semester and support the student media cause while I’m at it.