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Archive for May 22nd, 2007

Rory Gilmore, online journalist

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Last week was a long, stressful week for me. That explains my lack of posting. However, there was one item I wanted to be sure to mention. And it has to do with my beloved Gilmore Girls, the last episode of which aired last Tuesday. (What am I supposed to watch tonight? American Idol. Pshaw.)

Sorry if you missed the series finale, but I’m going to spoil it for you: Rory graduates, doesn’t have a job yet, breaks up with Logan rather than follow him to Silicon Valley, etc. Lorelai, her mom, plans this huge graduation party and a summer of touring amusement parks only to find out at Friday dinner that Rory landed a job — and that job entailed her being on a plane for Iowa in three days.

Why does this matter to anyone other than the one person I know who reads my blog and watches Gilmore Girls? BECAUSE Rory doesn’t get just any job. I rolled my eyes as she complained that she wasn’t getting a New York Times internship (you and like everyone else, honey) and as she mailed off 74 job applications at once to, well, pretty much everywhere. But I was impressed by the writer’s decision to give Rory a semi-realistic job, which she landed pretty much through networking, though the Yale degree wouldn’t hurt. What she landed was a gig covering Obama for an online magazine (doesn’t say which one, though if they got credentialed for the Obama campaign, I’m guessing it wasn’t just your average start-up).

The moral of the lesson? Sometimes the most amazing opportunities are where you would never look. So when the NYT doesn’t come calling, set your sights on something more realistic. Also, it doesn’t hurt to network.