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Archive for May 31st, 2007

LiveJournal journalists community

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

There’s pretty much only one reason why I still have an active LiveJournal account. OK, two.

One is to keep tabs on the lives of my friends from high school and college who haven’t moved from LJ to MySpace or personal blogs.

The other is a far more practical use. It’s to participate in one community: journalists.

There are lots of places to get advice online. You could read Poynter, especially Joe Grimm’s insightful Ask the Recruiter column.

There are also several places to keep up with industry news, including the ever popular Romenesko.

And you can find job postings and network with others in any number of places.

But something about this community continues to draw me back virtually daily. Perhaps it’s that I can and do see all those things each day on the group. It’s small enough — one or two postings a day — so as not to be overwhelming. But it’s also big enough to have a sizeable knowledge base. You can also just throw something out there and quickly poll working professionals (and a few students) in different countries or states, different industries or positions, and with different levels of experience.

I remember after accepting my job, I posted something asking for advice on starting on the education beat. I was met with encouraging advice and a plethora of links and suggestions. Today, there’s a soon-to-be intern posting about what to wear. Look through the past few days and you’ll see questions ranging from snarky commentary, to “what would you do?”, to a job posting you might not find elsewhere (and more importantly a person to network with before you apply).

I like the back and forth discussions that spring up. It’s like a cross between a bulletin board/forum and a blog. Anyone can join and post or reply to an entry, but it’s all one long thread. And people are pretty respectful, even though you rarely know who someone is (maybe the city or region they work in or what job title they hold, but not much else). And somehow, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe there’s another community like it out there. I’m sure there is. But for me, I like the format and the people at the LJ journalists community.