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Life lists… as an alternative story format

NYT: 10 Things to Do Before This Article is Finished

This is a pretty fun, effective way to write that article.

And in case you’re wondering, I’ve had my “life list” online for a few years now at 43 things. Actually, I need to check off one of the items — make a scrapbook of my college years — because I finished it this summer.

You can also see some of the goals I already accomplished, like “learn to play the piano” (which involved a really time-consuming and painfully bad class my final semester of college), and “move out of Ohio, even if I end up coming back.” My practice so far has just been to move out one goal when I accomplish it and replace it with another, so I haven’t really made “progress” on my list. But then, at 22, I have plenty of time to do all that.

And hey, I slept in this morning. (It’s been a long time since my eyelids were closed past 10 a.m.)

2 Responses to “Life lists… as an alternative story format”

  1. Kate Bigam Says:

    Broken link to your list…

    Anyway, I remembered I had a list, too,so I tracked it down… and discovered that one of my goals was “Become a Legislative Assistant at the Religious Action Center.”

    I started last Tuesday. Whaddaya know???

  2. Meranda Says:

    Kate, that’s freaking awesome!

    One of my goals is join the peace corps. I came so close, but sold out for a real job to get real experience. But I fully intend to sometime in the next decade find my way to Africa for a few-year stint making a difference.

    (P.S. Fixed the link, apparently I had an extra ” in there. Oops.)