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7 journalism wonders?

What would you nominate as the Seven Wonders of Journalism World?

Poynter wants to know. They’re soliciting nominations in several categories:

  • Documents (such as the First Amendment)

  • People (such as Walter Cronkite)
  • Institutions (such as the BBC)
  • Events (such as the publication of the Pentagon Papers)
  • Technology (such as the invention of the telegraph)
  • Works (such as the front page of the New York Times on Sept. 11)

From the nominations they receive, they’ll narrow it to about 10 per category. Then, they’ll do seeded brackets and let each go head to head to move forward.

I am trying to think of things worthy of nomination. You can check out the feedback on the post to see some other journalists’ suggestions.

Sounds like a neat idea. I’ll be interested in seeing what seven we end up with.

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