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A ‘circa long, long ago’ video about journalism jobs

A major thank you to David Cohn for finding this gem of a video on jobs in journalism circa — I don’t know a long, long time ago.

Seriously. Is this how journalism used to be?

I remember a “Reading Rainbow” episode when I was growing up about how a newspaper was published, and even then, elementary school, I remember thinking it seemed dated. But I still loved that show.

I’m going next week to give a presentation on journalism as a career to middle school students. Perhaps I should show this video and then maybe the EPIC video, if only to give them a glimpse of how much things have changed and how rapidly they are changing.

Instead, my plan is to walk them through a story, a “typical” day, a bit about what types of jobs exist and where, plus how that’s changing and how to set themselves up to actually break into the biz. Then scare most of them away with a discussion of necessary education and internships, hours and pay. Just kidding. (Sort of.)

But seriously, “Women find it difficult to compete with men in general reporting jobs…” lol. And hot type? I’m glad to be in this biz today.

2 Responses to “A ‘circa long, long ago’ video about journalism jobs”

  1. Nick Says:

    We don’t wear enough fedoras and visors these days.

  2. Digidave Says:

    Isn’t this video a HUGE trip?

    I didn’t think of putting it side-by-side with the EPIC video. When I often have to talk about how journalism is changing – I start with the EPIC video. Perhaps to really hit the point home, I should start with a minute of this video.

    Crazy stuff.