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Updated: Where’s the RNC coverage in St. Paul’s Pioneer Press?

My managing editor brought up a good point today. If you were the paper of record in a city where the nation’s eyes are focused for the week, wouldn’t you think the focus of that attention would merit a mention on your front page?

Now, because I’m not in St. Paul, Minn., I haven’t physically procured a copy of the Pioneer Press in print today. But I’m hoping, given their more than prominent online coverage, that this (below) is not the actual or I guess only front page they had today.

Pioneer Press sans RNC front page
(Via Newseum)

My guess, when Henry (my M.E.) brought it up was maybe they had a wrap or special section on the outside. Though, he pointed out, the barcode is still on this page, and from what I can tell, they’re labeling this the A-section. I thought about perhaps there being more coverage inside, except, if you were going to bury it inside you would at least refer to it out front, right?

So I’m left confused, and hoping I’m just missing something, as to why the dominant story is written by New York Times reporters out of New Orleans when national news is being made in your backyard. It’d seem to me most papers would lead with the arrests or the speeches or the chaos or the celebration or some local angle.

The other paper of record in the Twin Cities, the Star Tribune, as Poynter noted in its round-up of front pages today, went large with the convention.

Can anyone in St. Paul share some insight? Is the only mention on the front page of this paper of the Republic National Convention really a teeny refer to submit your video online at the bottom of the page?

(I took a look at their Front Page PDFs on the Pioneer Press Web site, and while it looks disorganized in general, there doesn’t appear to be any indication there was another front, and it does label this front page as the A1 section.)


Steve Mullis has answered my question and provided a photo of the actual front page/RNC section. I had originally put this question out on Twitter but no one could answer it, so I’m glad the blog worked. And I’m even more glad to see they didn’t ignore this story.

Pioneer Press actual RNC front page

3 Responses to “Updated: Where’s the RNC coverage in St. Paul’s Pioneer Press?”

  1. Steve Mullis Says:

    Yes, they did have a special section, it was an extension of their politics section called ‘Politico’

    Not sure how you could get a PDF to analyze it more. Also, not sure about the Strib, but I’m sure they had something.

  2. Steve Mullis Says:

    Meant to put an image there, perhaps you block them. Here’s a link.


  3. Meranda Says:

    Thanks for clearing this up, Steve. I think I have photos turned off in comments to avoid spam, though it’s been awhile since I tweaked those settings so I don’t remember for sure. I updated the post to reflect this information.

    The Strib’s front page was mostly RNC coverage, so I assumed they didn’t have a separate section as well. But I don’t know.