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Sen. Obama’s “announcement”

Can I please just say how hilarious this video of Barak Obama is

Good evening. I’m Senator Barack Obama.

I’m here tonight to answer some questions about a very important contest that has been weighing on the minds of the American people.

This is a contest about the future, a contest between two very different philosophies, a contest that will ultimately be decided in America’s heartland.

In Chicago, they’re asking, “Does the new guy have enough experience to lead us to victory?” In St. Louis, they’re wondering, “Are we facing a record that is really so formidable, or is it all just a bunch of hype?”

Let me tell you, I’m all too familiar with these questions. So tonight I’d like to put all the doubts to rest. I’d like to announce to my hometown of Chicago and to all of America that I am ready…

For the Bears to go all the way, baby.

You have to admit, that’s a pretty gutsy campign. And you KNOW it’s going to get a lot of attention. Definitely made me laugh.

One Response to “Sen. Obama’s “announcement””

  1. Jaclyn Says:

    HA! I admit, as a sort of Chicagoan (cause no one knows where Kankakee is), I have not heard that one. It’s FAB. Especially b/c even Bears fans don’t seem “ready” for them to go all the way. My dad’s a die hard, and during Monday’s game, he was convinced they were going to lose. I left home before the game was over, but I didn’t even think they had a chance the way he was talking. Well, the Bears won, and I’d hate/love to have been there when they did. Dad tends to … get into the game, ie: scream at the television. So believe it or not, that Barack statement is pretty radical for this area. Yikes.