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The BlackJack?

I think this Wired reporter pretty accurately summed up my reaction to the Samsung BlackJack ads…

… the ad in question really made me want what it was advertising. My video advertising defenses, evolved over a lifetime of bombardment, had apparently atrophied from disuse. Suddenly, I wanted a Blackjack, and I wanted it bad.

I never watch TV. I don’t have time, and what little time I do have is mostly devoted to reading the posts on Romenesko or scouring CNN, NYTimes.com, Ohio.com, etc. for news updates. The only TV I regularly see is CNN muted in the newsroom.

But my roommate watches TV occasionally (as in the very rare periods when I am back home early enough that she hasn’t already gone to bed), and a few weeks back I happened to catch the BlackJack ad this article discusses. Now, why would I remember one single ad of the thousands that have bombarded me? Because, as the writer of the Wired post alludes, it literally made me speechless. I wanted it that bad. I was on the phone with Ryan when I saw the commerical. I literally halted the coversation, and then, when the commercial ended, I immediately told him about the phone.

All things considered, I still haven’t decided on a new phone (as I discussed in a previous post), but the whole lack of headphones thing may be a deal-breaker for the BlackJack. (Although, I have an iPod, so does it matter?) I also haven’t yet decided if the lack of wi-fi is a BlackBerry Pearl deal-breaker. It remains to be seen what company I choose to go with, which will depend pretty much on where I take a job.

But you do have to admit, the BlackJack looks like one awesome product.

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