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When journalists blog

Mark makes some interesting points in this post about what’s wrong with many newspaper blogs.

There was a time when anything was “good enough” because it was new and exciting. Now, as the technology and tech-savvy readership adapt and evolve, the actual content and execution begin to matter a great deal more.

His points (which he explains in-depth in the post) include that good commercial blogs:

  • are a discussion
  • have facts to back them up
  • emphasize writing little and saying a lot
  • aren’t technologically backward
  • aren’t afraid
  • are blog friendly

I agree with all of those points. I’d probably add a few including keep content fresh and engaging and don’t just re-post links — offer up suggestions or further thought on the point, or at least collect a few other links to give it context. Seriously on the fresh content part, my biggest pet peeve is when a site has a supposedly regular item that hasn’t been updated since September. What’s the right frequency for blog posts? I don’t know, it really does depend on the topic and the community. But there should be some regularity or people will forget it exists between stumbling upon it.

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