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Smart phones and reporters, a natural pair

I had a conversation the other day with someone planning to buy a new phone. My one suggestion to her was: “Don’t buy the Razr.”

I hate my Razr, as I have previously discussed. I bought it when it was still novel enough to amuse me and make me feel special. I love its size. I love what it’s capable of and all that. I hate the interface, the bad reception and the quirks (the most annoying being randomly resetting itself during conversations — a problem noted by several people I know with the same phone). The video is small, but decent for what it is, and the photo quality and camera abilities leave a lot to be desired. Aside from its small size, it has withstood the test of “Meranda is clumsy,” in that I drop it several times a week and it hasn’t broken yet. (I remember the first night I had it, I was at the store, and I dropped it so it chipped a little. My mom looked at me and asked, “Are you going to cry?” I didn’t. But if it had broken, I probably would have.) Altogether, it’s been an annoying phone. But it got the job done.

Now, I’m in the market to upgrade to a smart phone. Doing so would allow me easier and timelier access to my e-mail and the Web. I could more quickly send off breaking news notes or look up facts on the run. I also want a decent quality camera with video capabilities. Basically, I want it to allow me to condense my tech tools for work not replace them. (I have a digital camera, laptop and an iPod that I love. Why replace them?) I just need to find that perfect phone.

So, reading this story (“Forget the backpack, ‘pocket journalism’ is coming“) excites me. I want one of those phones. Also, as seen on Poynter, “Smart Phones and Reporters: Perfect Together?

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