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Kind of an OnBeing rip-off, but I’ll take it…

So, it is a little soon to be ripping off the OnBeing idea from the Washington Post. But I saw the “Stater.You” link on the site and clicked.

Not as pretty as the WP or as artsy, but it is something different. And I’d be willing to bet, outside Taylor Hall the number of people who’ve heard about or seen OnBeing is a few dozen at most. So the readers won’t hold it against them.

I’m not sure I’d have chosen those subjects (for one thing Karl Hopkins-Lutz used to be a Stater columnist, though it has been a few years) or that location to jump off the project. But if the idea is to offer random snapshots of people around campus, it succeeds.

This is definitely thinking beyond the printed page. And it’s a good example of why student newspapers are great places for experimentation and trying new things. Don’t waste months, which could mean semesters, which means staff turnover in the world of college newspapers, testing and tweaking to perfection something before launch. Just go for it. If it doesn’t work, ditch it. No harm, no foul.

One Response to “Kind of an OnBeing rip-off, but I’ll take it…”

  1. Karl Hopkins-Lutz Says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t have picked me either, and I did inform them before they recorded that I had worked for the stater and they did remember my having worked there. They just asked me and my friends after they saw us watching the “Suck Countdown” on Heavy.com.. so they kind of picked me. And I think that there were better parts than what they selected, but it’s their thing and they picked it and me and edited it as they saw fit, so yeah, let ’em start it off. And my story was just one that was on my mind, nothing new. Hopefully they’ll find someone good in the future.