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MerandaWrites is blocked in China?

So, I saw this post on E-Media Tidbits. Being curious, I decided to test the Great Firewall of China to see if my blog was blocked. To my surprise, apparently it is.


I’m not quite sure I did to offend the government, but I suspect maybe they just blanket block everything until it’s been approved? Or (look at the disclaimer on bottom) it could be a fluke. Either way, it’s kind of odd. I don’t know.

Want to know if you should feel censored as well? Type in your URL to see if you’re blocked as well.

One Response to “MerandaWrites is blocked in China?”

  1. China Law Blog Says:

    Probably blocked because of its host, not its content. China usually blocks WordPress, LiveJournal and Blogspot blogs, but not Typepad.