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Do I want an iPhone? Heck yes!

Do I have no? Um, heck no.

As I told the man in the NPD team meeting this week when he asked if I’d be line for one, “I would love to be. But they don’t pay me enough here to be able to afford a $500 cell phone.” That got a laugh out of the others in the room, including the ME who confessed he doesn’t even have a cell phone. So, I guess I won’t get any pity from them. lol.

However, I really do want one. As was evidenced by my extensive knowledge of the phone, it’s pros and cons, what it does have (and more importantly, what it doesn’t… hello, no video camera, no flash, no data storage, no aim?). The reporter who was writing the local story for today’s paper asked me, after I corrected him seriously like five times because he kept calling the stores and asking about the iPod because he just sounded silly, if I just spent the day reading press releases about the iPhone. Uh, no. But I have been following it since I first heard about it, way back before I even started here.

I still have my Razr. I hate my Razr. I hate it so much that I pray every time I drop it, which admittedly is more than you probably should abuse any electronic device, that this time it will break. But that bugger is resilient. Unfortunately, it’s also glitchy. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I was an early adopted of the Razr. I had read about it in Wired back before it was even on the market, and it was only a few months after it became available that I got my hands on it.

So, maybe it’s not just the money holding me back on the iPhone. There are other considerations, both monetary — I already have a video iPod and a digital camera I love that go everywhere with me and which set me back several hundred a piece less than a year ago — and practical — I’ve never heard good things about AT&T service (and know it doesn’t get reception in our office) and I’m reluctant to sign a two-year contract with a company I may be unhappy with. But really, the other thing is I want them to work out the bugs. I think that was my mistake with the Razr. In my zeal to be the first with the awesome new phone, I took the hit in terms of working the bugs out. Now the Razr is probably the most ubiquitous phone on the market and in the hands of consumers. I’m no longer the cool kid, and instead I have a phone that I hate that is so popular it’s common.

2 Responses to “Do I want an iPhone? Heck yes!”

  1. Reality Bites Says:

    From the another edge of Earth ( Nepal), I have listened about iPhone too.
    It is so much costly and in nepalese currency it costs like 35000 rupee for $500.
    But here is only $150 for 2 GB Screen Display Ipod. Now, Just I am trying for that. It will take more than 3-4
    months to reach it in south Asia. Hoping you will enjoy iphone.
    But you have one ipod-video too……..What to do that……

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