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Staff and wire reports, eh?

Does it ever get to be less weird to read your writing spliced into another’s story?

I mean, I understand the “localize this” and see the point. But as I’ve discussed before, it’s weird and interesting to see your words intermingle with someone else.

Case in point, some story about the new eStadium project at Jeff High School from eSchool News Online.

It’s a cool project and a great opportunity for local kids. I wrote about it a few weeks ago. In fact, several paragraphs from my article are in that eSchool story. (I’m guessing that’s the ‘wire’ part of the “From eSchool News staff and wire service reports.”) It’s just weird to me how the story is framed and what is used and not used, especially as it appears they did do a bit of original reporting (or at least calling my sources for additional/different quotes).

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