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QOTD: America is not a place where the small gesture goes noticed…

“America is not a place where the small gesture goes noticed. We’re not a country like France, where charm, something light or effervescent, can survive. We want everything you have and we want it as fast as you can turn it out. I read an interview with Frank Sinatra in which he said about Judy Garland, ‘Every time she sings, she dies a little.’ That’s how much she gave. That’s true for writers, too, who hope to create something lasting: they die a little getting it right. And then the book comes out and there’s a dinner and maybe they give you a prize. And then comes the inevitable and very American question: what’s next? But the next thing can be so hard because now you know what it demands.”
— Harper Lee (as played by Sandra Bullock), “Infamous”

One Response to “QOTD: America is not a place where the small gesture goes noticed…”

  1. Jaclyn Says:

    Yowza, can you say depressing??? I’m going to disagree with Ms. Lee. When I write, I most certainly do not die inside. If anything, I’d say the process and product reaffirm life. I feel quite alive when I produce, especially when I’m proud of the final outcome. Granted, that happens more with poetry than journalism, though the occasional newspaper story does it, too.