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LOL @ nothired.com

If you’re a Twitter follower, you likely already know I discovered a new site about an hour ago.

It made me actually “LOL” several times, so I thought I’d pass along the joy of NotHired.com. Here are a couple of the journalism/writing related postings you may find as amusing as I did:


Here are a few typos from one applicant’s cover letter:

“I also teach an SAT prep course—the students their love me!”

. . .and. . .

“I can speak without thinking and right even better.”

Saving the best for last.

I’ll take “What not to call your potential employers?” for $1,000. Note the last graf:

It reminds me partly of Joe Grimm’s News Recruiter blog (the less formal journalism asides to his Ask the Recruiter column). In particular his Friday postings amuse me.

My two personal favorite lines from cover letters I proofread in college:

• Opening line of a cover letter from a photographer at my college paper in Kent, Ohio, to the Cleveland (Ohio) Plain Dealer: “Greetings from Ohio!”

• In a cover letter from a designer to the Gannett recruiter conducting on-campus interviews: “I want to get with Gannett.”

I’m sure there are others. But those both stick out in my mind as the funniest. Your Turn: What’s the funniest mistake you’ve made or seen?

7 Responses to “LOL @ nothired.com”

  1. grace Says:

    Haha I know exactly what photographer you’re talking about. Here’s the first line of a cover letter I wrote myself. I was trying to be cheeky and stand out, but I never got an interview, so we can surmise it did not work:

    The job listing for the international editorial intern position had me at “hello” — or “Guten Tag” or “hola,” if you prefer.

  2. Sean Blanda Says:

    I’m sure I have misspelled something on a cover letter….

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  5. Gavin Jackson (The Photographer) Says:

    To clarify the letter for in state newspapers, such as the Plain Dealer, began with “Greetings from Kent.” Only out of state newspapers were greeted by “Greetings from Ohio.”

    The cover letter has since changed.

  6. nope Says:

    Oh, greetings from Ohio.

    Those were the days.

  7. Dana Says:

    Apparently the fact that I got my current publication’s name correct on my cover letter earned me big brownie points when I applied for my job. Apparently Rubber & Plastics News was too hard for some (several spelled out “and” or made “Plastics” singular).