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A list of 100+ education reporters on Twitter

For months, I’ve had in mind finding all my education reporter peers across the country on Twitter. I decided this afternoon it was time to finally put together what I’ve gathered and to see how many more I could find. What follows is a somewhat comprehensive list of education reporters on Twitter. I say somewhat because there are a few exceptions:

  • Anyone who hasn’t updated in 2009. For all I know they’ve been laid off/fired/quit/changed beats/etc. and abandoned the Twitter account. Who wants to follow someone who hasn’t updated in seven-plus months anyway?
  • Anyone with protected updates. I can’t tell when the last update was. Besides, it’s obviously a private feed not about advancing their work if they’re not letting the world see. That’s fine, but not really useful to this purpose.
  • Anyone who doesn’t state they are an education reporter in their bio. In some cases, I know the person so I included them anyway. But mostly, there really isn’t a good way to find someone who doesn’t put this in the bio short of cross-referencing staff lists with Twitter, which isn’t worth my time.
  • Also excluded were group/organization Twitter accounts and those for an agency not a news organization.

It sounds like a lot of exclusions, but they didn’t add up to many of the ones I actually was able to find.

Aside from suggestions by my own followers, I compiled this list largely by scanning the search results on site:twitter.com “education reporter”. I have updated this list to include individuals who identified themselves as belonging here.

So what is the purpose of spending several hours on my day off putting this together? Honestly, it was kind of selfish. I think it’s interesting to see what other peers on this beat are covering. In many cases, we’re writing about the same things. We struggle with the same FOIA-ignorant officials and try to wrap our heads around similarly incomprehensible state test data. And I figured extending my own network to include more of those folks could help me with ideas, trends to look into, and just some camaraderie.

Oh yeah, and I was curious how these people were managing their Twitter feeds and whether I shouldn’t modify my own tack. (For those who don’t follow me @meranduh, I tend to veer from posting about mundane or insightful thoughts on current stories/meetings/topics to the strange things I see on the streets of Lafayette to pictures of my nephew to details of my mundane days.) Unsurprisingly, there was wide variance in how reporters handled their Twitter account. Some were just an RSS feed or a list of links. Some didn’t include a single education-related post. Some had few posts of any type. Some included lots of links to their sites, and some offered none. All of them used real names, if not in the username (which many did) then in the name field. Most identified their news organization, but many left off the URL or their own site’s link. Many were like mine, a mix of the biz and life. Others were clearly representing their company as part of the overall brand. I even came across one that had both a personal and business Twitter account. The takeaway? There’s no right way to Tweet your beat, but there are lots of different ways to do so.

One more unrelated trend I noticed: We all stink at coming up with original beat blog names. Every one linked from a Twitter profile (my own included) is some cliche/pun on something school related. Not that it matters, but it amused me.

OK, so behind the cut is a location-based list of the 120+ education reporters I found on Twitter. (I realize the link still says 90, but so many people had already linked it, I changed the title but not the link.) Location is by state/country, and then it’s alphabetical by username. Also, if the user didn’t provide a link to a resume/site/employer, I tried to provide a link to the organization where he or she works. Finally, if I added other details to fill out a lacking profile, I italicized that change.

If I missed you or your education reporter, send me a message @meranduh and let me know.


none found


none found




  • Name Ray Parker

  • Location Mesa, AZ
  • Web http://twitter.com/goodeducation
  • Bio Hiya! Arizona Republic education reporter, gotta story idea? call: 602-444-7726 or ray.parker@arizonarepublic.com


  • Name Jeffrey Javier

  • Location Glendale
  • Web http://www.azcentral.com/
  • Bio Peoria and Deer Valley education reporter for the Arizona Republic


  • Name Pat Kossan

  • Location Phoenix, Arizona
  • Web http://azcentral.com
  • Bio Education reporter for The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com


  • Name Rhonda Bodfield

  • Location Tucson
  • Webhttp://www.azstarnet.com/
  • Bio Education reporter



  • Name Jessica

  • Location Conway
  • Web http://www.thecabin.net/
  • Bio Education reporter for the Log Cabin Democrat (also momma, wife, student…)




  • Name Lynette Mathews

  • Location California
  • Web http://www.collegeconnect.org/
  • Bio Utilizing individual counseling, distance counseling and dynamic workshops designed to explore critical areas of college admissions, we help students succeed.





  • Name Howard Blume

  • Location Los Angeles, CA
  • Web http://latimes.com
  • Bio L.A. Times education reporter


  • Name Matt Krupnick

  • Location Oakland and Walnut Creek
  • Web http://www.contracostatimes.com/
  • Bio Higher-education reporter for Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune


  • Name Nanette Asimov

  • Location San Francisco, CA
  • Web http://www.sfgate.com/
  • Bio Education Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle / SFGate.com


  • Name Tanya Roscorla

  • Location Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Web http://www.convergemag.com/
  • Bio Education reporter and writer who marvels at creation’s beauty. You’ll find me scrapbooking, playing soccer and reading classics — not all at once, though.




none found






  • Name rkipp (Rachel Kipp)

  • Location Delaware
  • Web www.delawareonline.com
  • Bio Higher education reporter, sometime pop culture reviewer/blogger,









  • Name Marc Freeman

  • Location Palm Beach County
  • Webhttp://www.sunsentinel.com/
  • Bio Palm Beach County K-12 education reporter, long-suffering Philly sports fan


  • Name Katherine Albers

  • Location Naples, Florida
  • Web http://www.naplesnews.com/
  • Bio Kate Albers is the Collier County education reporter for the Naples Daily News by day, ninja by night.


none found


none found


none found





  • Name Jodi Cohen (higherednews)

  • Location Chicago
  • Web http://www.chicagotribune.com/
  • Bio I cover higher education for the Chicago Tribune. I have infant twin boys. I get little sleep.


  • Name Dani Schweigert

  • Location Lake County, Illinois
  • Web http://www.pioneerlocal.com/
  • Bio I’m an education reporter with Pioneer Press and cover Mundelein, Libertyville and Vernon Hills. I also coach gymnastics at the Gymnastics Factory in Grayslake.




  • Name Brian Zimmerman

  • Location Richmond, Ind.
  • Web http://www.pal-item.com/blogs/extra_credit
  • Bio Education reporter and blogger for the Palladium-Item; 27-year-old male; husband; father of two boys; Blue Jackets fan; Steelers fan; Miami University alumnus


  • Name Eric Weddle

  • Location Lafayette, Indiana
  • Web http://family-vineyard.com/
  • Bio Journal and Courier higher education/Purdue reporter by day; greasing the avant wheel of the Family Vineyard record label by night




  • Name Diane Heldt

  • Location Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Web http://dianeheldt.wordpress.com/
  • Bio Higher education reporter, covering University of Iowa and regents, for The Gazette





  • Name monica springer

  • Location Garden City, Kansas
  • Web http://www.gctelegram.com/
  • Bio Education reporter at the Garden City Telegram. Fan of dogs, friends, macs, the words ought and might, sleep, reading and writing (but not arithmetic).



  • Name Toni Konz

  • Location Louisville, KY
  • Web http://www.courier-journal.com/
  • Bio I report/write about Jefferson County Public Schools and other K-12 issues for The Courier-Journal. I am a Milwaukee native and went to college in Mississippi.



  • Name Daniel McBride

  • Location Houma-Thibodaux (LA)
  • Web http://www.houmatoday.com/
  • Bio Education reporter for Terrebonne and Lafourche.


  • Name Tina Marie Macias

  • Location Lafayette, La.
  • Web http://www.theadvertiser.com/
  • Bio Tina Marie Macias is the education reporter for The Daily Advertiser.

Also: @tinapita

  • Name Tina Marie Macias

  • Location Lafayette, LA
  • Web http://tmmacias.googlepages.com/
  • Bio Education reporter, videographer, muser, Latina. This twitter is mine and not affiliated with a news organization.)






  • Name chendrie (Caroline Hendrie)

  • Location Maryland
  • Web http://www.edweek.org/
  • Bio Managing editor for digital operations at national education pubs Education Week & edweek.org. Married with 3 kids.



  • Name Liz Bowie

  • Location Baltimore
  • Web baltimoresun.com
  • Bio Education reporter for The Baltimore Sun


none found



  • Name Kathryn Prater

  • Location Lansing, Mich.
  • Web http://www.lsj.com
  • Bio I’m an education reporter for the Lansing State Journal, the daily newspaper in Michigan’s state capital.


  • Name Nardy Bickel

  • Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Web http://www.mlive.com/grand-rapids/
  • Bio Higher Education Reporter at The Grand Rapids Press interested in gardening, science, free speech issues


  • Name Dave Murray

  • Location Grand Rapids, Mich.
  • Web http://blog.mlive.com/headoftheclass/
  • Bio Dave Murray is an education reporter for the Grand Rapids Press, covering Grand Rapids schools and issues that affect schools across Michigan






  • Name Emily Johns

  • Location Minneapolis, MN
  • Webhttp://www.startribune.com/bios/10645116.html
  • Bio Emily is an education reporter for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, covering schools in the city of Minneapolis, and education accountability issues in Minnesota.





  • Name Vineeta Sawkar

  • Location St. Paul, MN
  • Web http://www.kstp.com/
  • Bio news anchor, blogger, education reporter, busy mom



  • Name elizabeth crisp

  • Location Jackson, Mississippi
  • Web http://tinyurl.com/elizabethcrisp
  • Bio Higher education reporter for The Clarion-Ledger. I also cover a lot of other things.




none found



  • Name Michaela Saunders

  • Location Omaha, Neb. USA
  • Web Omaha.com
  • Bio PK-12 Education reporter, homeowner, young professional in Omaha, NE.


none found

New Hampshire

none found

New Jersey

none found

New Mexico

none found

New York




  • Name Eliz and Philissa

  • Location New York City
  • Web http://www.gothamschools.org/
  • Bio Reporters and editors at GothamSchools, offering independent reporting on the New York City public schools



  • Name John Merrow

  • Location New York(?)
  • Web http://learningmatters.tv/
  • Bio Education Correspondent, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (PBS) and President, Learning Matters, Inc.


  • Name Kelly Reynolds

  • Location Watertown, NY
  • Web http://www.watertowndailytimes.com
  • Bio Education reporter from Michigan living in Watertown (Northern) New York and having the time of my life.

North Carolina


  • Name Ann Doss Helms

  • Location Charlotte
  • Web http://www.charobs.com/
  • Bio I cover education for The Charlotte Observer. Reach me at ahelms@charlotteobserver.com


  • Name N&O’s Campus Notes (Eric Ferreri)

  • Location Raleigh, NC
  • Web http://blogs.newsobserver.com/campusnotes
  • Bio News about Duke, UNC, NCCU, NCSU and community colleges at the Raleigh News & Observer’s higher ed blog.


  • Name juliehenry

  • Location NBC 17 Raleigh/Durham
  • Web http://nbc17.com
  • Bio Health and Education reporter looking for interesting stories!




  • Name Erin Zureick

  • Location Sanford, NC
  • Web http://ezureick.wordpress.com/
  • Bio I’m a reporter at The Sanford (NC) Herald covering education primarily. Interested in intersection of social media and journalism

North Dakota

none found



  • Name Ben Fischer

  • Location Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Web http://www.cincinnati.com/
  • Bio I cover Cincinnati Public Schools and education topics for The Cincinnati Enquirer.


  • Name Kim Wheeler

  • Location Cleveland,Ohio
  • Bio Cleveland TV Anchor and Education Reporter



  • Name Megan Gildow

  • Location Springfield, Ohio
  • Web http://springfieldnewssun.com/
  • Bio I am the education reporter for the Springfield (Ohio) News-Sun, covering Clark County schools and general education issues.


  • Name Seth Roy

  • Location Newark, OH
  • Web newarkadvocate.com
  • Bio Reporter. Budding novelist? Sports fan.



  • Name Dawn Marks
    Location Oklahoma City, OK

  • Web http://newsok.com/
  • Bio Education reporter for The Oklahoman


none found



  • Name Daveen Rae Kurutz

  • Location Pittsburgh, PA
  • Web www.triblive.com
  • Bio An education and suburban reporter for the Pgh Trib


Rhode Island

none found

South Carolina



  • Name Jason Wermers

  • Location Sumter, S.C.
  • Web www.theitem.com
  • Bio I am a reporter for The Item newspaper

South Dakota

none found






  • Name brendabernet (Brenda Bernet)

  • Location Amarillo
  • Web http://www.amarillo.com/
  • Bio I’m a 30-year-old education reporter at the Amarillo Globe-News. I’m quickly becoming a Twitter nerd. I am married and have a 1-year-old.


  • Name Tawnell Hobbs

  • Location Dallas, Texas
  • Web http://dallasisdb…
  • Bio Tawnell Hobbs covers the Dallas school district.



  • Name Holly Hacker

  • Location Dallas, TX
  • Web http://www.dallasnews.com/
  • Bio I cover higher education at The Dallas Morning News, with some K-12 thrown in for good measure.



  • Name Kate Alexander

  • Location Austin, TX
  • Web http://www.statesman.com/
  • Bio Austin American-Statesman reporter covering the state budget, pensions and education




  • Name Monica Rhor

  • Location Houston, Texas
  • Bio Houston-based journalist, covering education for the Associated Press and looking for stories that illuminate and inform.



  • Name Rubi Reyes

  • Location Victoria
  • Web thevictoriaadvocate.com
  • Bio I am the Education Reporter for the Victoria Advocate newspaper in Victoria, TX. I am a Texas A&M University-Kingsville May 2008 graduate.




  • Name Kirsten Stewart

  • Location SLC, UT
  • Web http://www.sltrib.com/
  • Bio Education Reporter at The Salt Lake Tribune





  • Name Cathy Grimes

  • Location Newport News, VA
  • Web dailypress.com
  • Bio I cover schools and education issues in Hampton Roads, Va.



  • Name Melissa Slager

  • Location Everett, Wash.
  • Web http://www.linkedin.com/in/melslager
  • Bio Seattle-area freelance education writer covering local and national angles to the Petri dish that is education.



  • Name Maria Gonzalez

  • Location Walla Walla, Washington
  • Web http://www.union-bulletin.com/
  • Bio I write about education full time and am also a full time mom. I’m quite busy.


Washington, D.C.


  • Name Dakarai I. Aarons

  • Location Washington, D.C. Area
  • Web http://www.linkedin.com/in/dakarai729
  • Bio Award-winning journalist specializing in education reporting. Write, blog, tweet and shoot video for Education Week


  • Name Eddy Ramirez

  • Location Washington D.C.
  • Web http://www.usnews.com/
  • Bio Education Reporter for U.S. News & World Report.





  • Name Libby Quaid

  • Location Washington, D.C.
  • Bio Associated Press Education reporter, did time on the Huckabus and the Straight Talk Express


West Virginia

none found



  • Name Name Amy Hetzner

  • Location Milwaukee, WI
  • Web http://jsonline.com
  • Bio I’m an education reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


  • Name Erin Richards

  • Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Web http://jsonline.com
  • Bio When I’m not covering K-12 education issues for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I’m riding my horse, Hobbes, and giving hunter/jumper riding lessons in MKE.




none found





  • Name Kristin Rushowy

  • Location Toronto
  • Web http://www.thestar.com/
  • Bio Education reporter at the Toronto Star … baby name columnist … editor, GTA colleges and universities guide





  • Name Joanna Desira

  • Location Middlesbrough, Teesside
  • Web http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/
  • Bio Education reporter, Boro fan, keen at reading, keep fit, and cooking.

This list was current as of July 7, 2009. If you want to be included or removed from my list, let me know @meranduh or meranda@merandawrites.com.

21 Responses to “A list of 100+ education reporters on Twitter”

  1. Rachel Schleif Says:

    Nice post, Meranda! I wondered how many of us had signed on Twitter. I’m curious how other edu writers use it, so I’ll be sure to look these folks up. Add one for Washington State: @writetorachel. I’m an education reporter for the Wenatchee World.

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    […] 2 – This next one comes from one of my favorite bloggers, although she does not have time to blog often, Miranda Writes has a post with a list of educational reporters who have Twitter feeds and it is organized by state, so check out your state/city.  If you have an education reporter in your town/newspaper and they’re not on her list – let her know. […]

  3. Chris Amico Says:

    I’m a former education reporter, if that counts for anything. Great list.

  4. Andy Shaw Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Meranda. I’m going to do what most reporters do now– take advantage of someone else’s legwork and add a bunch of Twitter friends! Nice to see I’m not the only ed. reporter on Twitter. I just started my account (and my newspaper’s ed blog) recently, but I’m trying to make it a combo of useful links and tidbits of instant info– i.e. “just got off the phone with so and so who said this”, although only using on the record stuff, of course. Will be interested to see how others tackle it.

  5. Meranda Says:

    Thanks Rachel, Chris and Andy.

    @Andy — That’s what I’m hoping others do with this list. Half the point of compiling it was for my own ability to follow peers. I kind of post all over the place: random tid-bits of scanner traffic, announcements from school board meetings, links to this blog, links to my or fellow reporters stories, links to my school notebook blog, photos of funny things I see. I figure it adds personality, and you get a feel for where I’m at and what’s going on. I don’t look at it as a “work” account. But if you’re interested in what I cover, you get an insider’s view on a lot of what I’m up to. I saw some of these accounts were similar to me, but as I talked about above, they’re kind of all over the place. No wrong way. :)

  6. Megan Downs Says:

    Thanks for the add! This is a VERY useful list! It’s great to see how other reporters are using Twitter.

  7. Lori Crouch Says:

    Hi Meranda:
    I found out about your wonderful list from Andy Gammill, who alerted members on our listserv. Education Writers Association is the professional organization for reporters who cover education. We’d also love to mention your list in our newsletter and perhaps on our website, if you wouldn’t mind.

    We even have a Twitter account — @EdWriters

  8. Meranda Says:

    Thanks, Lori. I’d definitely like the help getting the word out to your members. The whole point is to connect education writers with each other on Twitter.

    ~ Meranda

  9. Greg Linch Says:

    Don’t forget DISD!

    Name: Tawnell Hobbs
    Location: Dallas, Texas
    Web: http://dallasisdblog.dallasnews.com
    Bio: Tawnell Hobbs covers the Dallas school district.

  10. Tutor Says:

    Nice list of people to follow. Especially if you are looking for updates within the education world.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Monica Rhor Says:

    This is a great resource. Can you add me to the list?

    I just started covering education out of the Associated Press’s Houston bureau.


  12. Alan Gottlieb Says:

    Here’s one for Colorado. Education News Colorado, a foundation-funded news site, staffed ny former Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post writers and editors: @ednews

  13. Jackie Borchardt Says:

    Great list! I’ve got one from Wyoming — me!
    Education blog: http://tribtown.trib.com/reportcard

  14. Valerie Chernek Says:

    I am a K-12 educational freelance writer focusing on accessibility issues in schools. I work with educators all across America who use assistive technologies for students with disabilities in special education.

  15. Monday 5 to follow « infLo Says:

    […] May 31, 2010 These tweeps’ bios have been quoted from Mirandawrites.com, a great resource for finding a network of reporters on education! […]

  16. Elaine Redd Says:


    Great list. Thanks for doing all the leg work. I am in public relations and have been looking for a few education reporters. This list will be a tremendous start. Let us know how we can return the favor.


  17. Marie Martin Says:

    Here’s another one from Texas and Arkansas.

    Name: Marie Martin
    Location: Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas

    Web: http://www.texarkanagazette.com

    Marie Martin covers K-12 and higher education in Southwest Arkansas and Northeast Texas.

  18. Marie Martin Says:


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    […] http://merandawrites.com/2009/07/07/a-list-of-90-education-reporters-on-twitter/ […]

  20. Dawn Marks Says:

    I am no longer an education reporter. I am an education researcher for the Oklahoma House of Representatives. I just wanted to let you know since it seems that I am getting more followers who are listing me as an education reporter. It isn’t a big deal but it seems that some folks are still referencing your blog, so I thought I’d let you know! Thanks!

  21. Lisa Gulya Says:

    Thanks for hunting all these folks down so we new education reporters don’t have to!

    I’m an education reporter at the Grand Forks Herald newspaper in Grand Forks, N.D.